More of the 'why'...

See farther down in the blog for other entries about "why" we are renovating this old 1914 building.

With all the talk of 'green building' now days, it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the ratings and big companies trying to look like they are doing something to help the environment. Of course, even small improvements in buildings cost money and the more efficient the more money. Thankfully we have a lot of base items in place now that will allow us to be far more efficient, use less electricity, gas, and water... but also build in more and more sustainability as funds are raised.

Now have: wall insulation, floor insulation, cracks/leaks sealed with foam
Need: attic insulation, storm windows, curtains

Now have: 92% efficient furnaces (had old baseboard heaters), code is only 80%. also air ventilation/outside air to keep upstairs cooler in the summer (no AC yet)

Now have: only one gas hot water heater, 2 were in use before
Need: efficient dishwasher

Now have: new low flow toilets (4)
Need: auto/sensor flush valves, auto towel dispensers

Now have: dimmer switches on all lights in main halls
Need: dimmer packs or dimmable flourescent bulbs ($20+ each bulb x 40)

Removed knob & tube wiring from building, replaced with new wiring to code
Removed lead paint, most walls are new
Removed asbestos tiles throughout
ADA accessible bathrooms
Security alarm system w/ motion detectors

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Corey said...

way to explain everything in an effective way. you're the man.