this really resonated with me today, especially when I thought of all the impacting experiences we have at the Arts Center...

"In Many of life's most memorable moments, we evolve into someone different from - better than - the person we were before. 'A lot of peak experiences involve a feeling of spiritual transcendence, not necessarily in a religious way, but where you feel transported beyond yourself as a human being,' says Kottler*

Freedom is a common theme among those who have peak experiences. People throw off restraints (often only mental ones) that have kept them from doing things that are in line with their authentic selves. "You stop worrying about impressing others and move towards things that are inherently interesting to you,' says Howell**

Many of William Miller's subjects found that their quantum change ended up altering everything about their lives. 'Their values turned upside down. Things that were high priority before were now low priority.' Subjects typically changed careers and began volunteering but it was much different than, 'I ought to go help the poor', he says. 'Their sense of who they were and what their place was in the universe had fundamentally shifted.' Adds Kottler: 'A peak experience can open up options that people didn't know they had'.

And that's really it right? Opening our eyes wider, creating new neural connections in our brains, improving our lives and the lives of those around us... and don't forget supporting global efforts to help those in need...

So get out there... live artistic... build some community! grow your brain! and of course enjoy this rare October sunshine!


From: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201009/big-moments
*Jeffrey Kottler, psychology professor at California State U
**Ryan Howell, psychology professor at San Francisco State U

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